Friday, February 4, 2011

di sebalik tarian naga dan letupan mercun


selamat tahun baharu cina saya ucapkan kepada seluruh warga cina sama ada di malaysia atau di mana-mana.

sehubungan dengan itu, saya sekarang sedang bercuti di rumah dengan keluarga. dan alhamdulillah, sepupu saya juga pulang. (kenapa ayat aku macam ni?)

the best part is, finally, i can hug, kiss his son. aqeef nahdan. i really miss him so much. why? because i'm the only person that aqeef still do no met yet. why? because when he was born, well at that time, i was in matriculation(if i not mistaken), and he was born in SUBANG which is very near to my matriculation centre, but due to circumstances i could not go and visit him. EXAM .

after 10 months, finally i can meet him. for that time being, i just observe him from far. thanks to facebook, i can see him grow, where he go and bla bla bla

aqeef is sooo heavy. 9 kilos! after one day with him, i can felt pain in my muscle. (ngada-ngada). well, i am not a bodybuilder so lifting 9 kilos of weight is like lifting a packet of rice you know!.

he is so cute when he sits. he cannot talk yet. but he can say words like "abah" and then few baby words that i hardly understand it.

that was about aqeef nahdan my cousin' son.

next is aina balqis. my cousin.

her age is just like aqeeef maybe one or two months older. she is more heavier 10 kilos ++. why? her mom give her nestum. thats why she looks so chubby. the best part of balqis, she loves MAN!. anyMAN that wants to hold her, she just willingly give her hand and smile. lucky me, i am a man!

just a short one.

next is adam mukhriz, my cousin 3 years old.

i also have not met him for a while. he lives in perak. at first he was shy but with the power of psychology, he fell into my hand.! hahaha. sounds very dirty~ :D!

somehow, i need to learn more how to speak with kids, i mean small kids.

what i learn from adam(he pronounces it as atham), my communication skill with children is poor. not so poor but a bit lacking in terms of warmth, choice of words and language. i can see that he and his older sister do not understand my question. i think i had asked an easy one but i dont know. he loves water so much. i got the chance to fees him with my hand. although my mind keep thinking all those parasites and microbes. somehow this tiny, mainoote creatures really makes me to think twice when i want to touch something.


what more? yeah. aqeef is not well. so, being a doctor-to-be, i just observed what i had learned during my pbl. cough with sputum or not. fever. running nose. immunology~

alhamdulillah. my father just won a lucky draw and he got a tv plasma 32 inchies!!

bravia by sony. well that was soooooooo good!.
and i think in every ceremony there should be a lucky draw because, if you are a lucky person, you can get durian runtuh in a blink of eye. your money will be saved~~~:P!

still my cough still do not subside. it has been for 3 weeks. but it is getting better and better.

thats for now,